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Ravelco Hawaii Anti Theft Device

The Best Anti Theft Device For Your Car or Truck . . . Period!

In 46 Years – Not One Vehicle Ever Stolen!

Over 6,000,000 Ravelco devices installed and zero defeats.

The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device provides peace of mind and real protection against theft.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • RAVELCO has been in the security business since 1976
  • RAVELCO has 6,000,000 units installed worldwide
  • ZERO defeats when properly installed

RAVELCO is the most effective anti-theft device on the market today.

It works by installing a 16 pin connector with a removable plug in an easy to get to spot on or under the dashboard. The all black wires run through a metal conduit to the engine bay where all the connections are made.

Watch: Stopping Car Theft

Trusted by law enforcement world wide.

There are over 100,000 possible plug combinations, ensuring that each customer’s RAVELCO plug is truly unique. Even if someone gains access to another RAVELCO plug, they will not be able to start your vehicle. This prevents thieves from hot-wiring the vehicle or bypassing the ignition switch to start the engine.

Simply remove the plug from the RAVELCO unit and the vehicle owner can prevent anyone from starting the engine. Even if they have a copy of the key or access to the ignition switch.

With the RAVELCO system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is secure, even in the most high-risk areas or when left unattended for extended periods of time.

The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device is the best choice for car owners who want a simple, reliable, and effective way to protect their vehicles from theft.

Over 6,000,000 Ravelco devices installed and zero defeats.


  • Not one vehicle was ever stolen by defeating a properly installed and utilized RAVELCO.
  • Comes with two plugs, (one a spare), additional plugs may be ordered.
  • There are more than 100,000 different electronic combinations . . . NO master plugs.
  • Comes with two Ravelco warning window stickers: (see below)
  • Absolutely will not affect your new car warranty in any way. Magnuson – Moss Act
  • The Ravelco will not affect any other item you have installed in your vehicle.
  • “Prevents “Hot Wiring” – Breaking the steering column and starting your vehicle.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY for the original owner.
  •  Most insurance companies will give 10% to 25% discount on your comprehensive rates.
  • Absolutely no equipment failures . . . No tow-ins, no breakdowns.
  •  Only your ignition key and your RAVELCO PLUG will allow your vehicle to start.
  • The Ravelco protects all vehicles: gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines.
  • Over 6 MILLION Installations Worldwide !
  • European Union – Certificate of Conformity (NR 3593)
  • Each Ravelco is hand made and are manufactured entirely in the U. S. A

Watch: Thieves use mystery device to steal cars




1. TRACKING SYSTEMS – Although they sound good on paper, these costly systems are not very effective. They come into play only after the vehicle has already been stolen, as reported by the Boston Police Department, the city in which the idea originated. By the time the victim reports their vehicle stolen, (which is usually the next day) it has already been stripped and dumped. In the old days, if the owner of the stolen vehicle is lucky, the thief will not have found and removed the tracking transponder while stripping the vehicle and the tracking system will lead the police to the abandoned shell of the vehicle. Nowadays, the minute a thief breaks into your vehicle he plugs in a $20 GPS SCRAMBLER aka: (signal destroyer) to negate any signal coming to or from your vehicle thus making the your vehicle invisible. This eliminates the old way of a thief trying to find, remove, and discard the tracking transponder. Sadly, after the thieves are finished stripping the vehicle, law enforcement officers continue to track the signal thinking it is coming from the stolen vehicle when actually it leads them to a trash dumpster in a back alley somewhere! These tracking systems are expensive ($895 and up) and some even require a monthly monitoring fee. Many people in the security industry refer to these systems as “after the fact jack.” Ford, General Motors and Chrysler offer their own system and again these systems are also easily defeated. NO SECURITY WHATSOEVER!

2. FACTORY TRANSPONDER (SMART KEY) SYSTEMS – This anti theft system is factory installed on almost every new vehicle manufactured today. Most every manufacturer, whether domestic or foreign uses this type system. Embedded in the head of the vehicle’s ignition key is a miniature RFID Transponder Chip which contains one of a trillion possible electronic codes. When the key is inserted into the vehicle’s ignition, the transponder sends a signal to a disc shaped antenna surrounding the key cylinder housing behind the shroud on the steering column. The antenna then relays a signal to the control module and if the signal is correctly recognized, the vehicle is allowed to start. If access is attempted without the correct code, critical systems (ignition, starter) remain inoperable. Again, this may sound good, but all this system does is keep honest people honest, because it is very easy to bypass. The thieves are now using laptop computers with recorded RF codes to bypass them in about 5 seconds, which is probably why the factory installs these systems for free. Sadly, many salesman at the car dealers tell their customers that because of this special transponder chip in their key . . . they do not need any extra security for their vehicle, but this is NOT TRUE! READ MORE

3. REMOTE STARTERS – These remote starters may be convenient by starting your vehicle, warming it up in the winter or cooling it down in the summer, but please do not think for one moment that these systems are secure. There is absolutely no security at all with these systems. They can all be hacked and started with a Laptop or Scanner in seconds. READ MORE

4. ALARM SYSTEMS – These systems have all just about run their course. The auto manufacturers do not even offer an alarm systems any longer. Too many problems and they are totally ineffective in deterring auto theft. Who hasn’t heard and ignored an alarm? To make matters worse, a “laptop code grabber” or “scanner box” will open up the vehicle’s doors and disable any alarm system. They can be purchased for less than $100 on the Internet. Even the more expensive systems that claim to have Anti-Scan or Anti-Code Grabbing Technology were still defeated, as demonstrated on this CBS NEWS VIDEO. Just ask anyone who has or has had an alarm if they would ever get another one . . . THEIR ANSWER WILL BE A DEFINITE NO!

5. THE CLUB – Widely advertised, this device is probably the best known anti theft product on the market today. But as demonstrated on CBS’ American Journal, a car thief using a hacksaw can cut through the vehicle’s plastic steering wheel and remove The Club in just 22 seconds! The program also demonstrated how a thief can spray “freon” into the locking mechanism of The Club, hit the now frozen lock with a hammer, and shatter it like glass, enabling him to remove The Club. In addition, there is a device called the Club Buster, which will break The Club and AutoLock devices in 60 seconds. The Club Buster is intended for locksmiths, tow truck operators, and auto repossession professionals, but any thief can buy it over the internet right now for $89.

6. REMOTE STARTER KILLS – This device comes with a remote control and a special re-worked starter relay that replaces the factory starter relay in your vehicle’s power distribution box. The power distribution box is very easy to access directly under the hood of the vehicle, all you have to do is to lift the cover of the box pull out the relay, replace it with any factory relay (cost $2) and drive the vehicle off. Again, the remote control on this device can be scanned and bypassed with a scanner box very easily in seconds.

7. KEYPAD SYSTEMS – These systems connect to the starter wire under the dash. They can be defeated in seconds by locating the “brain box” of the keypad (which usually is wire-tied or taped to the steering column under the dash) and then touching the two contacts with a jumper wire.

8. STEERING COLUMN COLLARS – Now nearly obsolete, these devices are worthless in terms of theft protection. All a thief has to do is reach below the dash; pry the ignition switch off the topside of the steering column post, exposing a rod; and pull the rod upward, allowing the vehicle to start.

9. BRAKE PEDAL LOCKS – We witnessed one of these pedal locks compromised very easily at a crime prevention seminar. This pedal lock is designed to go in between the brake pedal and the floor board of the vehicle making it impossible to apply the brake. Hence, a thief would not steal the vehicle if he could not stop it. The demonstration showed a “would be thief” hitting the side of the pedal lock just below the brake with a small sledgehammer, denting the floorboard until it slipped to the side and was removed. NOT VERY EFFECTIVE.

The REMOTE START SYSTEM that comes standard with your vehicle is a very nice and convenient option to have, but only if you happen to live in an area which has “0” Zero auto theft. But, in any city that has its fair share of crime, please understand that with your remote start you are making it EASIER for a thief to steal your vehicle. Thieves now use electronic scanners or notebooks to unlock your vehicle and disable any type alarm or security you may have. If you have the remote start option on your vehicle the thief can also now start and steal your vehicle.

ANSWER:  Yes, your REMOTE START will still work with a Ravelco Anti Theft Device installed in your vehicle, BUT, you will have to leave the plug in the RAVELCO unit, thus defeating any security you have whatsoever.

You need to make a choice. Do you want to keep your vehicle from being stolen or do you want to be able start your vehicle remotely from your home or work? Some people think it is really cool being able to start their vehicle while their vehicle is sitting there in the parking lot, but they won’t think it’s cool for long when they come out one day and their vehicle is gone because it was started remotely and stolen by a thief.

In the past many of our customers have called us to ask if their vehicle’s remote start will still work with the Ravelco installed. We tell them yes, but only if they keep the Ravelco plug installed in the base unit. (thus defeating the purpose). When we tell them that their remote start will not work if they remove the plug and we try to explain to them why, they fail to listen and say that they will think about it and call us back. Sadly, they do call us back . . . but only after their vehicle was stolen and the policeman who was taking the theft report told them that they should have had a Ravelco. After having their vehicle stolen the same customer now no longer cares about their REMOTE START. They just want to have their vehicle protected with the RAVELCO as soon as possible.

NOTE* – All other functions of your remote will still operate normally. (except starting)

No, this is NOT true! A Federal Law MAGNUSON – MOSS ACT protects you against a car dealer voiding your warranty. Many car dealers use this threat to frighten you into buying a more expensive and worthless anti theft system from them.

The remote “keyless entry” capability for locking and unlocking the doors of a vehicle with an alarm system is a great option to have, but as far as security is concerned, the remote control alarm system only interrupts the starter wire, and this can easily be bypassed under the dash. Electronic “code grabbers” or “scanner boxes” can defeat any alarm system made today in seconds! Even the alarms that claim to have Anti-Scan or Code Grabbing Technology were still defeated. This was demonstrated on a recent telecast of CBS’ The Early Show.
There are numerous vehicles stolen every day that have full blown alarm systems, including the ones with the red flashing warning lights, which proves that the only red lights that car thieves run from, are the ones on top of police cars! The RAVELCO system includes two warning labels that attach to each side window, warning of the device. No vehicle with the RAVELCO system installed has ever been stolen.

First off, it is important to realize that theft by towing is rare. The VAST majority of vehicles are stolen by driving them away. Having said that, there are several simple strategies you can use to help circumvent towing and make it nearly impossible:

(1) Always lock your doors, close your windows, leave your vehicle in Park (automatic transmission) or in gear (manual transmission), and use your emergency brake.

(2) Turn your wheels all the way to the left or right when you park your car. In the event a tow truck tries to steal your vehicle, the angle of the wheels will make your vehicle track in a big circle. This attracts attention . . . and no tow truck driver wants to tow a vehicle that is traveling beside him in the next lane.

(3) Pull into your parking spot with a front-wheel-drive vehicle or back into your spot with a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and park as close to a stationary structure (wall, garage, another vehicle) as possible. These steps will encourage the tow truck driver to look for an easier target.

No, and neither does an alarm or any other type of anti theft device. If a thief sees a Laptop, GPS unit, Radar Detector, briefcase, cell phone, or anything else of value inside the vehicle that he wishes to steal, he can easily break a window, take the item, and be gone within seconds. Nothing in the world other than a mean dog in the vehicle can stop a smash-and-grab thief!

Have questions or ready to purchase?

Pricing (US Dollars)

  • Full Size Trucks – Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC $699.95
  • 2021 – 2023 Ford F-150 Hybrids $749.95
  • 2019 – 2023 Chevrolet & GMC Full Size Trucks $749.95
  • 2019 – 2023 Chevrolet & GMC Trucks – Diesel $799.95
  • All USA Made SUV’s (Diesel – $799.95) $749.95
  • Most USA Cars & Midsize US Trucks $799.95
  • Dodge Charger & Challenger (flush mount) $824.95
  • Corvette C7 & C8 $899.95
  • Foreign Trucks – Honda, Nissan, Toyota $749.95
  • Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator (includes e-torque) $749.95
  • Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator “392 Hemi” Hellcat $799.95
  • Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator Diesel $749.95
  • Jeep SUV’s – Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango etc. $799.95
  • Foreign Cars & SUVs – Honda, Nissan, Toyota $749.95
  • Exotics – Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren $2,499.95
  • Big Rigs – Heavy Equipment – Tractors $849.95
  • Side by Sides – Can Am, Honda, Polaris, etc. $699.95
  • Special or Custom Installs CALL
  • Extra Ravelco Plugs $75.00

Ravelco has been in business since 1976.

Contact Tyler Foster, Hawaii’s official dealer

(808) 938-3260

Please note: Your Ravelco Anti Theft Device will come with two window stickers. It is best if they are placed on the windows before adding window tint. The tint will make the stickers harder to read at night, making it less effective. Tint can still be applied without bubbles over the sticker if the tinter knows what they are doing.

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